My approach to psychotherapy is seated in the idea that our difficulties are often connected to older but meaningful experiences and relationships. Certain patterns of thought and behavior that worked once upon a time may become less helpful as we progress through our lives. As a counseling psychologist, I am committed to understanding you from a strengths-based and holistic point of view that honors the intersection of our multicultural identities and unique backgrounds. I do not believe in "one size fits all" therapy and draw from evidence-based therapeutic modalities to complement each client's needs and personal identity.  


I offer counseling services for adults and adolescents age 16+. Areas I am particularly passionate about include . . .


  • Racial and ethnic identity. This includes helping people of color and ethnic minorities with concerns related to power/oppression dynamics, (e.g., discrimination and microaggression), acculturation, and bicultural identity or "culture clash."

  • Sexual minority identity. This can include concerns related to being gay, lesbian, or bisexual; the process of coming out; and gender/queer identity. 

  • College, graduate, and professional (e.g., medical, law, veterinary) student identity.

  • Helping individuals work through trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Helping individuals understand relational patterns that get in the way of healthy and productive living.

Sophia Rath, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

(206) 552-8491

Seattle Office

3245 Fairview Ave E, Suite 210

Seattle WA 98102

Pullman Office (testing only)

1240 SE Bishop Blvd, Suite Q

Pullman, WA 99163

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