Hello and welcome to my website. Deciding that you would benefit from counseling or psychological testing is one of the bravest and most meaningful things you can do for yourself. It means you are ready to stop struggling and start living the life you’ve intended for yourself. I welcome you to look around my website to get a sense of who I am and how I can help you with your process.

I know personally that finding a therapist to establish a trusting, therapeutic relationship with can feel complex. It can be especially intimidating when you are already feeling overwhelmed, confused, or helpless. My priority is to affirm and understand your experiences so that together, we can move you toward empowerment, healing, and personal growth. Although I help people with a wide range of concerns, my areas of clinical specialty include:

  • Working with:

    • People of Color.

    • Bicultural and second generation individuals.

    • Gender and sexual minorities.

    • College, graduate, and professional students.

  • Psychological evaluation, including assessment for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, academic functioning, gender affirming  procedures, and diagnostic clarification of mental health. I also conduct forensic evaluations as part of legal proceedings.

  • Couples counseling, including pre-marital counseling, communication skills-building, and interracial/cultural relationships.

Sophia Rath, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

(206) 552-8491


Seattle Office

3245 Fairview Ave E, Suite 210

Seattle WA 98102

Pullman Office (testing only)

1240 SE Bishop Blvd, Suite Q

Pullman, WA 99163

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